Life Splinters


I wanted to write a Haiku this morning, but this poem had other ideas in mind. Wonder how this one will evolve in future drafts…

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

five mile creek abstract

Skin tastes the season
Knits it to the bone

Frosty footsteps
Eat a dreamer’s skin

Gloved handprints
Scroll phone photo splinters

Eyes speaking life
Embedded dreaming

Life splinters
Into status statements

Season to season
Image to image

Emoting and unleashing
Inner worlds

Memes beckon likes
And stories untold

Knit themselves
From bone to dream

Extract from Life Splinters – a work in progress.
  (c) Words and Images June Perkins


It began as a haiku but quickly changed into two line stanzas, so just went with the flow.
It might have some potential as a song.  Will think on this piece some more.

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Pray Me a Guitar


Sharing some of my thoughts on photographs on a dedicated blog ;)

Originally posted on Gumbootspearlz Photography:


What to photograph when working with a musician?
Their connection to their instrument (guitar, voice etc)

How to encourage them to forget the camera is there?
Yarning about life,
respecting their creative space,
just being quiet,
melding into the background
if that is what they wish

What is discovered?
The prayer of artistry
as someone praises the world
through their guitar.


Visit the full folio of this here –  Portrait of a Musician

A big thank you to songwriter/ musician Melinda for being my model for this work.
Melinda may give me some quotes from her beautiful songs to put with this later,
but for now some general quotes from music.



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Crow Song

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

8585829086_98ecc71037_b (2)

From, creative commons, some rights reserved

Guttural chorus
now three notes without resolution
hang in the morning attempt at symphony
until other birds begin to sing

Hard to believe a fox
fooled you into thinking
your song was beautiful

But your notes have no clear rhythm
just a flurry then
lots of rests followed by
lonely crotchets

Every syncopation pauses
early morning flight to mingle with
your attempt to claim beauty’s song

Inviting sleepers to wake up to the light
your dissonant caw
settles into a simple two step
monotonous up and down

Call and answer
across the hills
roll your notes into tumbling
drum beat

(Extract from Crow Song – by June Perkins)

3513835672_01024fd7f3_z (2)

From, creative commons, some rights reserved

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Rediscovering Winter


I haven’t lived in winter for a long time.
When I searched my flickr photographs for cold
I found only four, and for winter, none.
I had better luck with rainy.
A new subject for photography as I experience different seasons
from the last eight years.

Mother in a Cocoon

Unfolding ripples of winter
whispers arrival’s soon

out come layered garments
wrapping around tender skin
every garment feels too thin

Bye bye butterflies
sunlight splash on takeaway cups
warm rim

(c) June Perkins, word and image