Brisbane’s Spring Arrival (Tanka)


I am working in some poetry forms just for something a bit different from the free form approaches. Yesterday was the first day of Spring in some parts of Australia.

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2014-08-12 026

Seasons change – June Perkins

Spring’s arrival speaks
Mornings without woolley socks
Crow songs refuse to stop
Frangipani calls its leaves
To dress its branches.

Springs arrival dances
Mornings without gloves on hands
Goodbye grey day skies
Blossoms beckoning avenues
Becoming tree’s  confetti.

Springs arrival scents
Mornings perfumed with renewal
Bones drunk on sun
Waltzing away cold memories
smells of technicolour gardens.

(c) June Perkins

I just felt it was time to do some poetry exercises and explorations as I have been writing a lot of free form poetry lately.  

This one is a tanka. This is aJapanesepoemconsistingof31syllablesin5lines,with5syllablesin thefirstandthirdlinesand7intheothers.  

However it is good not to worry about being too strict with those syllable counts at the expense of the flow of the

poem.   Sometimes…

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Footpath Libraries

I just came across a project that is amazing – libraries for the homeless.

This project was founded in 2003 Sarah Garnett and ‘grew out of sorrow, a simple observation, and the desire to make a difference,’ and inspired by her friend Benjamin Andrew. 

The vision of this project is that ‘homeless people’ are  ‘contributing members of society’  and have the  ‘right to the benefits and pleasure of reading.’

The project has stocked 80 hostel libraries and has a mobile service in Sydney.

You can donate books, money, knitted goods or time to do things like sort  and pack the books to go out to hostels. 

It’s important  to read the guidelines before you donate.  The project specifically seeks these genres Women’s, men’s and children’s fiction, Non-fiction, including dictionaries, simple cookbooks, parenting, and self help, car and motoring magazines, however they don’t want books with ‘suicide, depression and drug themes.’

Some of the patrons for the project are: Peter Fitzsimons, Nick Earls and Chris Sara.

For more information go HERE


A Sense of Wonder


I have so much serious research and writing to do that I thought I’d start a series where I mostly share photographs of places and details that make me wonder. I am planning a lot more reading as well. Rachel Carson is one person I want to read a lot more of.

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For Rachel Carson

Rachel says
open your children to wonder
about birds
together learn each ones song
and their many names
as you  wander  their land
maybe imagine flying
to their tree top

Rachel says
imprint in them
the story of the sea
the delicacy of balance even on the rugged shorelines
through them knowing
its biography
as if it’s their best friend.

Rachel says
listen to the wind
find the names of each wind
so you can read its personality
warm or cold
and know when you should
stay away from the sea
and when you can embrace and nurture

Rachel says
open to them to wonder
so they will not pass by this world
without knowing it calls
to us
from stars to shoreline
moon dust to leaves.

Rachel leaves her love of nature
on the shorelines of our present
each wisdom wave



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Life’s Landscapes 2 #Neighbourhoods


Writing the fields of fruit .. wild blackberries

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Blackberry – June Perkins

Aunty Glad is in the land of blackberries. They hide on the hills around her. My brothers gather them for her.  They like to forage and pretend we don’t live on a busy highway.  When they give her the blackberries, which they sell to her, she makes them into pie and gives it to us.

Aunty Glad is not my blood line Aunty. She is the grandmother stand in for my mother who misses her mountains, and the pigs she cares for. She is my spirit line Aunty, adopted by my mother, who often thinks of her own  distant tiny mother, who is in some ways like the tiny glad.

Aunty Glad is part of a couple with Uncle Bill,  and their land is a house at the bottom of steep hill. We are the neigbours with stand in grandchildren they will never have. Their son…

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Ebook Covers – More Paper Please

More paperB

Ebook Cover More Paper Please draft 1# -Photography by June Perkins, using templates

At the moment I am preparing covers for my ebooks.     

It was serendipitous that just as I was thinking about embarking on this an email came from Joel Friedlander, who has an excellent blog for advice for self publishers  THE BOOK DESIGNER.

You just have to do a brilliant job of your book cover as well as the content, as it’s the portal to invite readers to notice your book. A lot of authors will hand this over to others,  some will attempt it themselves and may do a great job or a terrible one (and not realise it).  I love the artistry of cover pages and so am keenly adding this to my skill set.  I have a massive collection of my own photographs and collages and am doing new ones all the time. I plan to offer to do covers for a fee for others when I have had a bit more experience with my own covers.

Joel put his subscribers in touch with an awesome contact, Ed Lewis who was offering templates in photoshop for a great price.  It is so worthwhile subscribing to his blog. 

Now that I have developed a lot of confidence in photoshop the templates Joel said Ed was offering looked worth my while. I am not just designing covers to save money but because I genuinely love design work and have a passion for it.

I still have to study the video tutorials for the finer details of how to make the most of the templates but with the knowledge I already have of photoshop, as well as a huge library of my own collages, images, and creativity and imagination I was able to do two rough cover ideas straight away.  The one at the top of this blog needs a little more work, but I am almost there with it.

A big thank you to Joel for putting his subcribers in touch with Ed. 

I am confident that I will be able to offer to do ebook covers for other writers soon – but first to master all the templates, and ins and outs .

What I love about the templates is the principles of good design and messaging that are in place to help you structure your cover sensibly (not too much or too little information).  The templates are further sorted into genres, romance, spiritual, sport etc. You can use the templates to design books for others, but you cannot (and fair enough!) give the templates away.

Another site a friend has put me onto COPY BLOGGER which looks like it will be helpful when it comes to many questions about ebooks and marketing them.

Hmm now to sort out the royalties and distribution maze with ebooks – and make sure I do the best possible thing re tax and treaties, more on that later.

If you have any other suggestions re ebooking  or cover design would love you to share your journey.