dance with life

Dance with Life – (c) June Perkins

What inhibits some people from dancing, but makes others unable to live without it?

I love to dance but not in front of people.

I dance with music in my room – secretly.

I dance with words.

Dance is a healer, dance is a revealer of stories.

Dance is a metaphor for joy.

But why does death dance?

Why do heroes dance with death?

Why do some people dance through life, where others plod?

….I might go away secretly and write much more about dance.

Today’s wonder is dance.

(c) June Perkins

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Wonder a Day 16: Dance with Life

4 thoughts on “Wonder a Day 16: Dance with Life

  1. Yes, I can see why you would love the waltz from the way you describe it! I think I like jazz and free dance with a lovely piece of fabric on a stick like the rythmic gymnasts have, that would be fun and fluid.


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