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This blog is full of stories, meditations, poems, essays, photographs, writing challenges, lesson plans, interviews with other writers, reviews and news of local events and reflections on photography, art,  and weather.

I originally began it as a way to keep me inspired to write everyday and as a letter home to relatives and friends when we moved to the Far North of Australia after living down South.

Now it is about to take a NEW DIRECTION.

I didn’t know what lay in store.

It has become a journal, a place to connect to others, a memory store, a place to reflect on creative practice and values, a homebase to my other blogs, and for a time a way to share the journey of recovering from Cyclone Yasi/Natural disaster.

 I am busy working on some books to release as ebooks and perhaps find traditional publishers. Not everything makes it onto my blog as it finds these new spaces and homes, but I owe the discipline and art of blogging a lot for my new directions.

Please let me know if you would like to see any parts of this blog become a book as well and you are welcome to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and respond to  my posts and guest posts.  I have enjoyed creating this space and am so happy to realise that more than family and friends read it now.

A special thank you to fellow bloggers/artists/songwriters/writers/people who I’ve met along the way, and who inspire me to keep extending and exploring the art form that blogging can be.

Thanks to all those generous bloggers out there who share their craft, their lives, and their dreams with the rest of us.  On you blessings!

June Perkins

Crow Song

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

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From, creative commons, some rights reserved https://www.flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/

Guttural chorus
now three notes without resolution
hang in the morning attempt at symphony
until other birds begin to sing

Hard to believe a fox
fooled you into thinking
your song was beautiful

But your notes have no clear rhythm
just a flurry then
lots of rests followed by
lonely crotchets

Every syncopation pauses
early morning flight to mingle with
your attempt to claim beauty’s song

Inviting sleepers to wake up to the light
your dissonant caw
settles into a simple two step
monotonous up and down

Call and answer
across the hills
roll your notes into tumbling
drum beat

(Extract from Crow Song – by June Perkins)

3513835672_01024fd7f3_z (2)

From, creative commons, some rights reserved https://www.flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/

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Rediscovering Winter


I haven’t lived in winter for a long time.
When I searched my flickr photographs for cold
I found only four, and for winter, none.
I had better luck with rainy.
A new subject for photography as I experience different seasons
from the last eight years.

Mother in a Cocoon

Unfolding ripples of winter
whispers arrival’s soon

out come layered garments
wrapping around tender skin
every garment feels too thin

Bye bye butterflies
sunlight splash on takeaway cups
warm rim

(c) June Perkins, word and image

Meeting the Mascot


Moving to the city has meant being able to attend sporting events like the Hawks versus Gold Coast. Recently we went to Metricon stadium, (it’s less than an hour to the Gold Coast from Brisbane.)

This was the first game live for our footy mad youngest son.

All of my husband’s family have been baracking for Hawks for generations through their good and lean years. We met with some of his extended family in the first half break.

The stadium was full of Hawk’s fans! The brown and gold was everywhere, and everyone sitting near us were Hawks fans. They were quite friendly and chatty not to mention very funny. One man kept telling the players to please come over our side as most of the action was on the other side of the field. When they did come over our way he was ecstatic.

There was a lot going on pregame, with fire eating, drumming, and kick a footy etc. There were other competitions from sponsors like win a $1000 dollars and kisscam, which also operates at the cricket.

The stadium itself is so close to the game, and not so large you aren’t close to it all. We sat very close to the front on the ground level.

The mascots for both teams walked around, and the Hawk’s mascot was especially hard working, and had lots of photos with the fans, especially the children. So to our youngest’s special moment, a photo with the Mascot on the fence.

And of course a massive win for the Hawks by 99 points!!!

Talking with Trees


Under the shadow of my favourite tree the rest of the world slipped away.
No need to worry about lunch time small talk.
No worrying about a lack of lunch and mum and Dad miles away by my brother’s hospital bed.

Sometimes a close friend dropped by to share the time with me and the tree,
but often just time to meditate and learn to find that strength within.

Under the shadow of a tree only the words of the green light and the bark’s insight.
Changing colour of leaves, texture of the earth beneath.

Still I play back conversations with the green enfolding me in comfort of a friendly tree.

(c) June Perkins





Fallen leaf
splinters of shadows and light
to earth
beggars busking for renewal


Roads of everyday
punctuated by commas of clouds
past full stop forests of tears
littered through
sufferings paragraphs
still it makes no sense


Roads not taken
whisper warm shadows
dance like cold light
sing leaf soul’s
dream of the fallen

(c) June Perkins