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I originally began this blog as a way to keep me inspired to write everyday and as a letter home to relatives and friends when we moved to the Far North of Australia after living down South.

I didn’t know what lay in store.

This blog is now full of stories, meditations, poems, essays, photographs, writing challenges, lesson plans, interviews with other writers, reviews and news of local events and reflections on photography, art,  and weather.

It has become  a journal, a place to connect to others, a memory store, a place to reflect on creative practice and values, a home base to my other blogs, and for a time a way to share the journey of recovering from Cyclone Yasi/Natural disaster.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and respond to  my posts and guest posts.  I have enjoyed creating this space and am so happy to realise that more than family and friends read it now.

A special thank you to fellow bloggers/artists/songwriters/writers/people who I’ve met along the way, and who inspire me to keep extending and exploring the art form that blogging can be.

Thanks to all those generous bloggers out there who share their craft, their lives, and their dreams with the rest of us.  On you blessings!

At this moment in time I am adjusting to city life, pretty challenging after 8 years in the country.  Still there are lots of amazing things about the city to love.  So a new journey begins – still Pearlz Dreaming.

I have a regular newsletter you can subscribe to, which comes out about once a month.  I sum up what’s been going on in my creative webspaces.

June Perkins

Mona Lisa’s Bones


Another poem on Ripple Poetry blog, soon to have some guest poets.

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

Do bones want to smile
Once the flesh is gone to become
One with the earth?

Do hands want to touch
The freed soul that flies from bones
One with the heavens?

Beauty’s canvas dies
The paint covers abstractions
Becomes impressions.

Impressions of life
Like a lost butterfly’s wing
Fade in artist’s memory

Bones can bring tears
When families’ searches are over
Now peace can be found

Hands cannot reach out
To pull them from fate
One with heavens?

Beauty is unravelled
In agonies of the lost
Truth is found clear

Still waters invite
Midnight runners to find their visions

In a moth’s night touch.

(c) June Perkins

For some background: see
Mona Lisa’s Bones

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Bush Knife


Very excited to have 250 pages of a draft book based on the blog  Following the Crow Song -  well on the way,  it has three sections and a different secret working title.  It seems to fit together well,  Looking for some beta readers soon.

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:

It’s under Mum’s bed to keep away the burglars.   Mum’s companion and stand in body guard, connecting her to home is a short flat, fairly blunt blade gaining it strength from the way it’s held and thrust.

And yes we do get burglars, but I sleep through it whilst my heroic mum chases them away.

It’s the tool that opens up the bush for my Dad, the wanderer searching for his love, her Mum.  Her people find him in the bush and take him into their hearts, by choice.

In the present – slash, bang and bash – it’s destroying the calm day of porters and walkers on a journey, disconnecting them forever from their desire for the Kokoda trail.

It protects, explores, opens up and threatens; its stories say, “Take care, I am shrouded in ambiguity.  I am a way to farm your wilderness, lash out at those feared…

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Life Splinters


I wanted to write a Haiku this morning, but this poem had other ideas in mind. Wonder how this one will evolve in future drafts…

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

five mile creek abstract

Skin tastes the season
Knits it to the bone

Frosty footsteps
Eat a dreamer’s skin

Gloved handprints
Scroll phone photo splinters

Eyes speaking life
Embedded dreaming

Life splinters
Into status statements

Season to season
Image to image

Emoting and unleashing
Inner worlds

Memes beckon likes
And stories untold

Knit themselves
From bone to dream

Extract from Life Splinters – a work in progress.
  (c) Words and Images June Perkins


It began as a haiku but quickly changed into two line stanzas, so just went with the flow.
It might have some potential as a song.  Will think on this piece some more.

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