Thanks so much for dropping by the blog. I wonder what attracted you here.  Was it the poetry? The photography? The memoir?  Reflections on parenting and peace? The discussions of writing? The interviews? Did we meet somewhere? Was it the philosophy?  Would love to know.

I am finally working on some individual books, and you may like to purchase them when they are ready.  More announcements on this soon.  As for how they are published, that is an unfolding journey shared here on the blog.


I am in the middle of techno land learning about book trailers, ebooks, create space, lightning source, small presses, independent publishing and self publishing (are they the same thing?),independent author alliances and the traditional publishers of the genres I write in.  I am studying them to see if any would like the works I create.  I am learning about treaties between Australia and America that enable us to be taxed less when we sell our own books.  Maybe you are too?

I want to make sure these books are the best they can be content wise,  and if I independently produce the best they can be physically as well.

I am visiting writing groups (as I always have),  writing centres, and finding people to be critique buddies.  I’m forming relationships with potential editors and beta readers I can trust to be honest with me, but  who have faith in my writing voice. I’m entering writing competitions.

I try to visit as many blogs as I can, especially those that inspire, educate, trigger, connect and help me to keep on practicing writing, art and photography.

I love to interview creative people as well as you learn so much from each other in the process.

I do have to be careful not to get lost in cyberland and pay concentrated attention to doing writing and art, but part of writing and art is about connecting is it not?    Thanks so much for your follow, like, comment, inspiration and encouragement.

All the best with your creative journey and hope to see you back again.

I prefer you to ask before you reblog, and sometimes reblog other blogs (I ask first).  Please respect all copyright. Thank you.

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Creature Feature


‘Come over here Mum, Quick!’
So I run over and there it is,  stock still in the bushes
the third lizard we have seen that day at South Bank.

She is filming it with her tablet
whilst her brother is climbing a tree.

She likes keeping her eyes peeled for creatures others pass by.
She always lets me know too as she likes to give me photo opportunities.

I stand beside her to take a few photographs, but I am more interested in photographing her interest in the lizard.

Later when our friends turn up she is keen to show them the footage of
her creature feature.

Sometimes I like to write memories which might have potential to turn into picture books, or sequences in long stories.
I have just finished one which I am sending to a publisher next week.

They start out just like this, as small records – and I build them over time.

(c) June Perkins, 

Cover Designs for Upcoming Books

Originally posted on Gumbootspearlz Photography:


I am working on a number of books for epublication.

Here are the possible designs for the covers that I have done myself.

Right now I am editing the content and working out some illustrations for them.

I have another book on the way which a friend is doing the graphics work.  I can’t wait to see what she has done.

She is busy on it as we speak.  We are doing a book together because she used to illustrate my poems when we were in high school.

I’ve created a webpage for each one in press books as well.

It will be exciting to share the first completed one, but for now, the journey continues.

(c) June Perkins

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Nineteen Months


The following link may be of interest Nineteen Months.

Originally posted on Blogs by Bahais:


I just came across an inspiring blog/website which has practical inspiration for Baha’i life and art and idea for the whole year.

It involves mainly photographers but also creatives working other forms, many of whom maintain blogs and websites.

This site is well worth a visit and I have just begun to explore the links of various contributors and add them to our sidelinks here.

“Nineteen Months values photography and writing that draws its inspiration from the Baha’i calendar. Our artistic images and practical ideas for living a Baha’i life come from a far-flung group of contributors, with different viewpoints and aptitudes. If you’re interested in collaborating with us get in touch.

Inspired by an annual month-long project called Nineteen Days, this site was founded in 2010 as a photography blog with images that reflect the essence of the name of each Baha’i month. Nineteen Months has grown…

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What’s in a Name?


More from Miranda.

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:


Photo – By June Perkins

The issue of names
would come up once again
when their child
still wriggled in the womb.

This unborn children
loved to kick to Opera.

She didn’t want to think about
the lost child
and had been avoiding opera lately.

But this man from the butterfly house
who she walked beside
what could his name be?

She had to read what his face said
open with dark eyes she couldn’t see into
but wanted to.

He was almost precisely her height
putting them on an equal footing.

He moved lightly
as she glided besides him.

What about names that went with

Could this be a test?

Could his name be Ferdinand?
What if his name was Caliban?

Could people really be matched by name
or astrology, or perhaps his name was something
to do with the birds he loved?


It would be…

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