With some of the anthologies previously published in – now working on going solo.

Thanks so much for dropping by the blog. I wonder what attracted you here.  Was it the poetry? The photography? The memoir?  Reflections on parenting and peace? The discussions of writing? The interviews? Did we meet somewhere? Was it the philosophy?  Would love to know.

I am finally working on some individual books, and you may like to purchase them when they are ready. More announcements on this soon.  As for how they are published, that is an unfolding journey shared here on the blog.

I want to make sure these books are the best they can be content wise,  and if I independently produce the best they can be physically as well.

I love to interview creative people as well as you learn so much from each other in the process.

Thanks so much for your follow, like, comment, inspiration and encouragement.

All the best with your creative journey and hope to see you back again.

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The Poet Sings of a Poet’s Tree

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

What kind of tree is your
poet’s tree?

Is it boab or oak
paperbark or willow?

Does it dance with Mandela
mediate with Mahatma?

Is it a haven for
Maya Angelou’s caged birds?

Does your tree sing
of how to
make a walking stick
through pain
with words to make the feet

Does it encase your feet in
shoe bark
to travel on the heated ground
of despair
through the cold of ignorance’s
help you to slide to the leaves of

How many in your poet’s family
tree went to war and
created odes to soldier’s
who bloodied lay
at the base of this tree
– lost?

Will the nightingale
sing from the branches
of your poet’s tree
guide you
into the heart of things
-take you out beyond this side
of a worm hole
into the galaxy where peace
birds fly?

What kind of tree is…

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How to Write a Poem to change the World

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

‘I want to change the world,’ said the young poet
‘with a poem that makes you think
long after reading it.

You don’t feel like you were lectured
but something subtle crept into your heart
made a hole that penetrated
all you thought you once were sure of
so you started asking questions.

Questions about what you could do to make
the world more peaceful as one individual
in one family in a number of communities
and in a neighborhood and a country.

And when you reached that point of asking your questions
the hole in your heart became
something that you climbed into, and healed with an action
and whilst your action might not be a poem
it could be a song or a class that you took
at school as a teacher or
maybe you had an opportunity
to do something enormous like make an invention
or start…

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Sydney siege, news of school children in Pakistan, news of children’s bodies in Cairns. It seems that the tide of violence is coming more and more to our attention.

No just society can ignore when so many of its members are lost to it.

It’s like losing our heart, our fingers, our dreams.

The scale may be thousands, hundreds or a few.

But all lost are precious.

All should have had a chance to continue their lives and make a contribution.

Including the unhinged and the violent.  They need to find other ways to deal with their issues.

Violence is a sign of the absence of peace (and at so many levels).

It’s not a time to feel powerless.

It’s not going to help to ignore its reality.

It will keep happening until we can send so much love out into the world it won’t happen again.

It’s a time to have a #strongerthoughtoflove  #strongeractionoflove for every perpetration of violence whatever its cause or outcome.

Religions, gender, mental illness, violence is still violence, and those on the receiving end don’t deserve what happens to them.

They are innocents caught in its wave.

Violence is violence and there can be no justification for those who take the lives that had so much more to offer.

It there any society untouched by it?  Is there any country not in its grip?

If we just rise with each media tide and then forget or lessen our efforts we are not really going to make a difference for a long period of time.

We need to rise with each tide we see and create a Stronger wave of love.  We need to offer comfort for those affected by the reported violence, but also the violence that might be nearby – in our neighbourhood, in a family we might know of.

Also this week #illridewithyou- a sign of hope.  We need more though!  We need more love, more actions, diverse actions for diverse situation and peoples. We need to reach out and create a fabric of love in our community that welcomes all, heals all, and makes no-one outcast, lost and feel any need for attacking others.

As a poet I want to write poems and songs that are about the power of love.  I want to sing them to my friends. I will send blessings, and material support to my friend in the Philippines, who is using music to heal others. My thought of love today is strengthened by all the beautiful people in the world who embody this in action.

The next time someone tells me they are scared because they are under threat of violence or becoming violent themselves, I want to make sure they get the help and support they need.  I have done this in the past and I pledge to do it again.

What is your #strongerthoughtoflove?  What will be your #strongeractionoflove?  

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Turning a Corner with a soundtrack of wellness and persistence

Dragon in the Forest Lakes – June Perkins

For those of you following my wellness quest with the psoriasis I am pleased to report that the first two weeks of working with fixing my diet, exercising more, taking vitamin D and zinc, and daily using a cleanser and ointment, has led to a dramatic improvement.

The redness has dramatically decreased in area and disappears for more of the day, the plaques have been thinned – and I am sleeping better due to all of this.  The extra sleep is helping. The feeling that psoriasis will continue unabated has eased, so my mind is so much calmer and clearer. I am definitely coaxing the monster to sleep step by step. Take that psoriasis!

I still want to exercise more, but have been pleased to be upping the levels more each time despite the humid days and thunder storms, but I’ve done exercise biking and stretching indoors and walking before the storms arrive.  I’ve combined my exercise with my great love of photography to  keep motivated. My dear husband took us to a great lake to walk around. It was a good walk which resulted in many fun photographs – including one of a dragon water feature pictured above.

Giving up some of the foods that are potential triggers,especially favourite foods like strawberries, hasn’t been too hard because the thought of going back to where I was a few weeks ago is a strong motivator.  I’ve been to a number of events where there is lots of sugar in the food and just had a glass of water and fruit (that I am allowed to eat).  I was really proud of myself for that.  I’ve become aware of how many times sugar is around me.  I am definitely partly what I eat, and the better I eat the better I feel.

I look at stress and think more  proactively about calming and centering myself. I do tend to worry about things.  Where does this worry come from?  Perhaps it is from experiences of the past.  This worry can be a great motivator (it’s what makes me write, strive to be a good parent, and look for work or making work), but on the other hand it can keep me up late at night thinking about how to save the world and worrying about things I have no control over.  The spanner in the works this week was receiving a letter that now we have to move house.  This was disappointing because we have only been in this rental house for a year and hoped to be here until we could save enough to buy a house.

I hate packing to move because we have had to do it so often (on average every two years) and because it takes a while to unpack and set up everything the way you like it, but of course moving always has its positives.  My challenge is to look for them.  Maybe we can find a slightly bigger house so we’re not so crammed in. Maybe we will have friendlier neighbours who’d appreciate knowing us etc. etc. I am breaking down that move step by step and don’t want it to become a monster that wakes up my psoriasis more.  It does have the potential to do that, but bring on my music sound track!

I have a sound track of music I like to listen to in my room to assist with this process. For me personally this includes Troy Casser Daley, Karise Eden,  Alesa Lajana, Lady Antebellum, and Mumford and Songs. I use some of this sound track to help me when it’s time to sleep rather than watching late night television. I keep looking for other music to add to this list of artists.

Ripples in the Lake – June Perkins

Writing is and has always been something that assists me with combating psoriasis. I continue to write poetry, especially about characters that are intent on coming to terms with something, like drought, or loss – in a way that is uplifting.  Journaling this process is yet another part of the journey to wellness.

Steps to Wellness with Psoriasis
1- Work on diet avoiding known food triggers of psoriasis
2- Take appropriate vitamins
3- Use daily cleanser exactly as instructed and avoid all soaps
4- Exercise
5- Use calming power of music
6- Journal Progress to reflect on what is going well and what could go better
7- Write poetry and a optimistic journal
8- Address anxieties and stresses in life with optimism and positive actions.

There are more steps in this journey.   I often wonder will anyone ever find a cure for psoriasis?  Maybe, maybe not, but I think in the meantime improving diet and general health can make it easier to cope with.  The most important step has been to ‘hope’ again for enough wellness to fully embrace living a full life.

(c) June Perkins

The Diviner


The Sky Water series continues – now up to poem 3. May you have a happy holidays!

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

awesome ripples
Water Ripples – June Perkins

With her forked stick
she walks the surface of the drought.

She walks the future of his farm
calling water to sing through the twig
wherever it may be.

She looks for The Dog stars
in the sky
waiting patiently at the twin’s table

Cosmic dogs with dry throats sing,
‘the land will once again
have need of boats.’

She throws her forked stick
into the expanse of sky, whispers
‘Little Dog and Dog star hunt for water
Give us rain.’

But for now she must find the underground stores
to tide them over until that rain is found.

The Great Dog rises before dawn
at the end of summer.

Now hunting
of the rains can end.

All will feast on her salted tears
soaking into earth
giving seeds birth to saplings
and a land without drought.

(c) June Perkins

(Not a found poem today…

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